Experience of QA Contributor Mentoring Day

Quality Assurance is probably the next big thing for Bangladeshi Mozillians. We already have some active contributors and a cool mentor like Hossain Al Ikram. First I’d like to share my personal experience with him. Me and Ikram, we became FSA almost at the same time back in 2013. So I’ve known him for a quite long time now. He worked hard to learn about QA and establish it as a contribution pathway. When I came to know about his plans regarding QA in MozCoffe Dhaka meet up, I promptly decided to help him in any way I could. One thing led to another and Mozilla QA Bangladesh have already arranged two on-site events recruiting at least 10 active contributors! πŸ˜€

Now let’s focus on QA Contributor Mentoring Day. It was a day long event. There was around 40 participants. Of which, 9 was from my firefox club Firefox@EWU. I was very excited from the beginning because there were many new participants. It’s always fun to work with new people and know about their interests. The event started immediately after everyone finished their morning snacks. Ashickur Rahman Noor took the first session about the basics of Bug Triage, Life cycle of a bug and Bugzilla. It was specially helpful for the new participants.

Noor bhai is taking the first session.
Noor bhai is taking the first session.

The participants joined the discussion and asked many things! Some of them didn’t know much about QA and the tools we use to contribute in QA, so naturally they were very curious. Afterwards there was a short ask and answer session. The participants were asked some general questions. They received stickers, buttons, etc for correct answer.

A participant receiving swag for getting the correct answer!
A participant receiving swag for getting the correct answer!

Ikram started his session right after Noor bhai finished. He showed us the processes of Bug Verification, testing using MozTrap, add-ons testing in e10s and non-e10s mode.

Ikram talking on Bug Verification.
Ikram talking on Bug Verification.

Everyone was paying close attention as there was many new things to learn.

A new participant is working on Bugzilla for the first time! :D
A new participant is working on Bugzilla for the first time! πŸ˜€

Everyone tested different add-ons in e10s and non-e10s mode. Then we went to lunch. I saw some funny photos from lunchtime but sadly I can’t find them now. 😦

After lunch we used MozTrap to test desktop firefox. It was a completely new topic for every attendee including me. We took some time to grasp the procedures and tested for some simple problems. We kept working on Bug Verification and testing with MozTrap till the end of the program.

Overall I’m happy with this event. Lab facility was good, there were awesome people and good food. A lot of new topics came in discussion. We’ve learned new ways to contribute. I like to work in QA mostly because it has a professional touch, lots of diversity. It’s about being a part of the greater good and developing strong personal skill. Following the event we had meeting with some core contributors about the plans on possible future activities. I am truly excited about what we can accomplish and up for the challenge. Let’s see what we can do! Now It’s time to showcase some of my favorite photos. πŸ˜›

MozGoggles, protecting our eyes from evil UV rays. πŸ˜›

It’s great that we had many female attendees. Mozilla is working to empower women, we want to do the same with our actions.

Part of awesome WoMoz team!
Part of awesome WoMoz team!

No event can be perfect without a group photo. So many awesome people in one frame!


Yet another group photo, but this time only Firefox@EWU team with Ikram. I can at least do this much for my club members, right? πŸ˜€


Thanks to Farhan Sadik Khan for taking the photos. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Experience of QA Contributor Mentoring Day

  1. Looks like a fun event. Definitely the glasses are fun too. πŸ˜€

    ULAB makes me kind of sad. I wanted to study in that university. But I couldn’t due to various reasons. 😦

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