MozCoffee & FoxYeah Campaign at EWU

It has been more than a week since we organized MozCoffee at East West University(EWU) campus! It was the first MozCoffee event organized by Firefox@EWU, however we were able to obtain excellent participation from common students. Our primary target was to engage with people who don’t know much about Mozilla and/or Firefox.

Normally we’d invite a finite number of people over coffee to have a discussion with us. But it was Ramadan and most people fast at that time. To make the event successful we had to bring some change in our original plan. We did extensive publicity in social media, mainly with a facebook event. We set up an open booth for everyone who wanted to talk with us.

We set up the booth at 11.00 AM and continued it till 5.00 PM. So many people were coming to the booth and we literally got flooded with questions! As some point we felt really short handed because some of our volunteers had to go attend their classes. However, we did our best to engage with as many people possible. We told them them why it’s great to use Firefox. As a fun thing to do, we showed them the FoxYeah webpage. It was an amusing experience. Some participants needed help with installation and other issues of Firefox, we also helped them with that. We gave cool stickers to some participants for sharing their experience in social networking sites with FoxYeah hashtag.

I always get surprised when I’m talking with a lot of people in this kind of events. It’s how some people already have much knowledge about digital literacy, privacy and some don’t. I feel inclined to inform people about their rights and this event gave me a perfect chance to reach out to as many people I could.

We did have some coffee after Iftar! :D
We did have some coffee after Iftar! 😀
And the group photo! With some participants and volunteers. :)
And the group photo! With some participants and volunteers. 🙂

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