Privacy Week With Mozilla Bangladesh & Online Privacy Talk at East West University

We are living in a time where the significance of internet and the web can not be ignored. Even in Bangladesh, everyday many new users are connecting with internet. Many of these people are not aware of the privacy and security threats that may arise on the internet. Being a Mozillian, a FSA and an educated user of the internet, I’ve always tried to raise awareness amongst people about the risks. When I saw the January Privacy Month Campaign by Mozilla India, I was trying to find out a way to get involved. Luckily for me, at the same time Mozilla Bangladesh decided to celebrate  Data Privacy Day 2016 with a Privacy Week Campaign. I was invited to a meeting on January 20, 2016 with some other Firefox Club Leads to discuss about what we can do for Privacy Week Campaign. We decided  to organize Privacy Talk events in our own campuses and identified some key points to talk about in Privacy Talk events.

After the meeting with Club Leads!
After the meeting with Club Leads!

After the first meeting, we had a rough plan about online and offline activities of Privacy Week campaign. We decided to post on social media, talk with our friends and family. We had time to make detailed plans and execute them, so everything went well. January 29 to February 4 was set as the timeline for the campaign.  I made privacy related posts on social media (facebook, twitter) and talked with my friends about online privacy. Mozilla Bangladesh made posts in twitter, we retweeted from our Firefox Club’s twitter page.

The next step was to organize a privacy talk in our campus. I was really excited about it as this event was the first of it’s kind. I along with the team gave much effort into this event, so I’ll be sure to put in as much details as possible. And yes there will be more photos, you might want to buckle up! 😀

I called a meeting with other FSAs from our firefox club. We fixed event agenda, date and time (February 4, 5.00 PM). We created a facebook event for online promotion. In next few days we secured permission from university authority and other necessary things to organize the event. The next thing was to fix session takers for different topics. We did that too. At last the much awaited moment came. The event started with an introductory speech by me.


I asked the participants what they understand by online privacy. Some of them knew about it and some didn’t. So I explained the basic idea to them. After that we had an ice-braking and brainstorming session. The participants were asked to be divided in groups of three. Each group had to find some issues that pose threat to their online privacy.





After that, one member from each group had to present their opinion in front of everyone. They came up with some good points like social media scams, phishing, spam emails, etc.




We proceeded to the next phase of the event. There were four key topics that was covered by five speakers including me.

The first session was on Facebook. We had to put extra importance in this because it is the most dominating social networking site in Bangladesh. There has been reports of exploitation by means of facebook. Ehsanul Hasan and Nuzhat Tasnim talked about protecting privacy in facebook. Ehsan’s session was particularly humorous and entertaining. 😀



The second session was on mobile apps and their permissions. Many apps seem to ask for unnecessary permissions which they don’t need to work perfectly. Fahmida Noor talked about these issues and the ways to protect privacy in these aspects.


The third session was on Cookies and Site Certificates. Muktasib Un Noor talked about the importance of cookies and how they can be malicious sometimes. He also demonstrated the use of Lightbeam.


How to use lightbeam!

The fourth session was taken by me. I talked about Digital footprint, Metadata aggregation, Data permanence, etc. I presented a slide that was forked from some other sources(links are provided in the slide).

Presenting the slide, I had to finish it real quick. 😀

Lastly, Maruf Islam showed two videos. He also talked about some common privacy issues.

I want to thank Mozilla Bangladesh for all the help and swags! It was encouraging for the participants, they were happy to receive something for their time and effort.

Everyone loves Swags! 😛
Sumaiya , a participant is receiving badge from Maruf.
Sujon is very happy after receiving his first swag!

Overall I am very satisfied with this event. I am positive that we could teach the participants new things that they didn’t know before attending this event. Our efforts will be successful if more people become aware of their privacy and use the good things that the internet has to offer. 🙂

And of course, the group photo! 😀


More Photos: @Flickr!


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